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So, as we are an importer as well, we have access to loads of great wine from a lot of great producers, many of whom are small family-owned and run operations; we're talking folks who might only make around 50,000 bottles per year. What we are looking at is bringing in great wines that you might never see because only so much is made, the cost to do a larger order is too much, or that it's one of those things that is ignored over [some] people pushing the same thing to you over and over.

In order to accomplish this, we need at least 600 people for each order to make it viable between both ordering the wine and handling the freight (the latter has gone up significantly during this pandemic). While we are looking at a base price of $110 plus shipping for six bottles, we have the ability to do special orders where we could do just a cascading selection of wines from one producer (low to high) as well as special collections focused on a specific varietal, style or area. There are times it could be four to five very exclusive bottles or even a selection of twelve bottles, but in any case, you will still be paying less than the suggested retail prices for the wines; hey, wine club membership has its privileges.

Feel free to sign up and we'll send out some notifications pretty soon. Also, we are doing our inaugural club release now, which you can find out more information about here.

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