IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: The Products

The Products: What We'll Ultimately be Selling

Now after all has been said and done, it really wouldn't matter if one had the best marketing campaigns, but the product(s) sucked. I have actually seen where companies have launched vanity labels and the product was very run of the mill, not exciting at all, or very pathetic in taste.

The first product(s) we will bring to the market are several sparkling wines. The reasons for sparkling wines are that:

  • the right ones can be consumed with just about any type of food;
  • people regard sparkling wines as more festive;
  • some folks believe that you should start with bubbly and end with bubbly;
  • they can be used to make other drinks;
  • most women love them; and
  • that means that men will buy it for them!

Our wines are produced in Italy and as you ask why Italy, I will tell you that the answer is that Italy is the second-largest producer of wine in the world and has more varietals and styles than any other wine producing country. Italy is home to some of the best sparkling wines as well, including Trento, Franciacorta, sparkling Pinot Nero (Noir) from the Lombardia region, Prosecco and a number of sparkling wines throughout the whole nation.

All of our initial wines will retail between $10 and $13 a bottle and also be at an attractive price point for on-premise establishments (bars and restaurants). This puts us at a very good position and makes it very affordable for just about anyone. There is no reason why these wines can't be the go-to wines for happy hours and your average American citizen.

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