IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: We Are Not Alone

We Can Win and Here are Some of the Reasons Why

While a lot of what I am saying is restated in the actual proposal, it's best if I talk a little bit about it here and now.

Some of the biggest aspects of this whole plan are divided into the major parts which consist of the demographic, the wine, the marketing plan and everything that the label is involved in. And there are also the people who I can turn to for advice as well as do some business with.

The major thing in the wine game, just like in many other businesses are relationships. Your relationships in life can impact how successful you become on the whole, not just in one aspect such as the amount of money that you make. If anything, I love to be like Kevin Bacon and know a ton of people as well as have a great reputation and a desire for people to not only be around me, but aslo do business with me. My buddy Al has bequeathed to me several great books on wine and drinks and always writes some of the best inspirational things in cards. My friend Adam gave to me as a Christmas present the book "Reflections of a Wine Merchant" which was a great eye opener.

I've established a great reputation with certain folks because I am authentic, willing to learn and experience new things, willing to help and share, and I treat people nice, especially folks in service industries. I've had crappy jobs and I am amazed at how many people take an attitude that they are superior to someone who is serving them food, mopping the floor or picking up trash. My drumming instructor was a trash man, Michelle Obama's father was a janitor, my grandmothers were domestics, and my mother used to work in the dining room of a retirement home. You never know who might teach you something, introduce you to someone, or be there for you when you least expect it.

I am not putting Italian wines over American wines because there are many American wineries who products I love. However, there are some wines that only are correctly made in their countries of origin, and Italy has a ton of very good and exceptionally great wines. If I can open up more of an interest here for Italian wines, then Italy will be behind me as well, and so will importers who carry Italian wines, and ultimately the stores that sell Italian wine. And this won't be an overnight thing at all, it will take some time, but this is the opening move on the chessboard.

With the additional two wines from Spain, this would add another country, trade organization, and a number of producers from this company who would like, and could use, another conduit to teach this market/demographic about the beauty of Spanish wines. And ultimately, we'd be selling a bunch of their wine, which is another thing that they ultimately want.

Think about it, some people come into a wine store and immediately go towards a certain section or ask for a certain [type of] product. While I am being vague, I am talking about folks who only want a Moscato or some other sweet wine; it used to be White Zinfandel. Normally, the salespeople will simply direct them to the section and not try to introduce them to anything else nor upsell them on anything different. I have also written about how this will easily affect someone's dining experience, based on them only asking for certain "pedestrian" wines. For many of these people, the cost of the product is not even the issue, it is just their lack of exposure to other wines. There was a time when I myself had a tooth for White Zin and for Moscato (I don't even want to talk about those days anymore).

Aside from that, it is also the connection with my demographic and my approach to dealing with them, which is just being genuine. The reality is that between all of the groups there is over 2 trillion dollars in discretionary spending annually; that's a lot of dough. You have to be able to relate to people as well as for them to not see you as just a tool or a plant designed to put a face that looks like them to a product or service. Additionally, I intend to bring the consumer into an experience, as well as provide other experiences for them.

I am willing to do the work, work which most companies have to pay other people to do (web development, branding campaigns, meet and greets), and I have a host of friends and associates who are also helping me out as well. That seriously cuts down on the amount of money that would have/need to be spent on and for a number of things.

We are not alone

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