IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: Links

I figured that I would put some links on this site to some other things that I have done or been involved in. Hell, why not?

  Thoughs of a Black Woman Well, this was the first poem/piece that I had written since second grade and it was one of the things that made me go into my creative side again.

  When a Black Man Loves After writing the aforementioned, I started going on a writing spree which in turn went on for at least a decade. While I had first put together a small chaptbook called "The Essence of My Soul," it was one girlfriend who convinced me that I should pull everything into a book. Quite literally, this book is from at least five different periods of my life, some while in love and some while not.

Unveiling the book is something that actually steeled me for the process of putting myself out there to so many to get this label done. It contains poems I wrote just thinking, poems I wrote thinking about certain women, love letters to one woman and even a letter to the last Vesta. I learned a long time ago that sometimes the answer could be "no," but the answer could be something entirely different if you at least ask the question. I converted it into ebook format this year and need to convert my other two books into that as well.

Oh, this book did lead to second, more analytical book. Actually, as there is more than one way to skin a cat, and of course to raise money for this, I decided to give out my first two books online for free and accept any and all donations. You can get it at http://www.whenablackmanloves.com/download.asp

  The Men's Dump Survival Guide and Field Manual The third book, this was more or less in response to some little cutesy book that I saw in Barnes and Noble some years ago. It's a guide for guys to just let it go. I might convert it into an ebook this weekend and put it out there for free (donations would always be great -- in fact, I might just offer all of them free and accept donations, that could work).

My Site  Okay, I have to really update this site and have left it alone for years as I have been working and not really needing it all. I promise to update it by March 21st.

The Black Winer  This was the site I set up to review wines and write about them, educating and exposing people of color to wine along the way. It's been an interesting journey.