IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: The Investment Return

The Return: What You Get Back

Each membership unit sold for $100 will equal to a .0083 ownership percentage in the company; basically, I am dividing 25% of the company by 3,000 membership units. For those that helped me/us to launch this thing, you become part of a club with me as both a member and the president. You will always have first dibs and rights of refusal to get involved with anything that we are doing. You will always be able to reach out, call or email and talk to me. You will always get to be invited to appreciation dinners, picnics and happy hours.

I need 3000 people who will believe in me, believe in the underdog and become brand ambassadors as well. As we grow, and gain traction and followers, we might be able to help you in your endeavors as well. Oh, and there will be a part of the website where everyone who backed this can have their own profile with pics and a little bit about them.

The Breakeven Point