IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: Insurance

Insurance: What if Something Happens to Zach?

Well, there are two things that I need to find, the first is a Chief Financial Officer and the second is a Number Two. I don"t know if Riker is available and I don't think I'd want him because I also am attracted to Counselor Troi. I could probably use someone like Denzel Washington's character in Crimson Tide, but we are not a warship and nuclear annihilation is not a possibility. Speaking of submarines, two of my friends in the Navy were bubbleheads (submariners) and I am upset that ABC cancelled "Last Resort."

Okay, again I am going off topic; I don't do this much but sometimes humor is good. The company will have a life insurance policy on me at least to the tune of one million dollars so in the event that something happens to me, the company gets paid and you get your money back plus your return on investment.

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