IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: The Investment

The company has actually already been started and right now we are in the process of obtaining permits for importing and distribution. We also have another wine importing company that can also be utilized if necessary.

The Goal: $300,000

We are looking to start this by raising 300K in the form of investments of $100 from 3000 individuals; this is not to say that you couldn't invest more than that because we'd love that too. We're not crowdsourcing; we're an LLC and we're actual selling ownership/membership units with the stipulation that we can purchase them back from you in no more than twelve months at a purchase price of $120. Yeah, I know that $20 on your investment doesn't seem like a lot, but actually it's a 20% profit which is something that most CDs, bonds and mutual funds can't deliver. This investment is the match to light a fire, as once we start moving, we definitely will garner attention to not only the products, but the movement which is also the label. And we're also looking at still giving those investors a smaller residual investment as well.

Can you start a wine label for 300K?

The answer my friends is yes; you can actually start a label for much less than that but that doesn't mean that the wine itself will be good. You could start a vanity label and only produce so many cases, but what good is that if people like and want more? And on the flip side if you raise millions, and then produce so many bottles and can't get it sold, then you're losing additional money on warehousing and the voluminous staff that you hired for your grand idea.

Wouldn't it be easier to just raise the money from a smaller group of investors?

The answer is both yes and no. If I lived someplace where we had more seasoned as well as wildcat investors the answer might be yes, but one of the biggest problems in the wine game is that people with a lot of money get into it for the prestige and really don't know what they're doing, thus the statement "the way to make a small fortune in the wine game is to start with a big fortune." Of course, that normally is from the stance of being a grower and producer, versus just being a label owner. Additionally, investors that usually put up a larger amount are more interested in the returns on their money, whether it means selling the company to another entity or taking over and replacing the staff, the focus and even the products.

Would I sleep with a rich woman for the money?

Yes, but I don't know any. Now, you've got me thinking of the movie "Indecent Proposal" and the episode of "Two and a Half Men" when Alan considers becoming a boy toy. I will tell you that I did love the movie "Loverboy" with Patrick Dempsey, but such is life. I guess we're back to the issue of not living in the right place; I'm currently in Philly and I guess New York or DC would be a better place to be for that, and of course LA. I also don't have any rich uncles and I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth either. And for the record, I think that Helen Mirren is hot – remember that scene with Cuba Gooding in Shadowboxer when they were getting it on -- oh and also Vanessa Bell Calloway. I have always had a thing for Judith Light, as well as Vesta… okay, I am on a tangent so let me get back to things.

Actually, I do know a number of wealthy people, some of whom can't invest in this simply because they own restaurants and that would be a violation of their liquor licenses. However, like anything sometimes it's easier to obtain financing after you have already raised so much or you have already started to show progress. At other times, it's like the conundrum in an interview in which they tell you that you need to have experience to get the job, but you can only gain experience by doing the job. Life is tragically comical like that sometimes.

The Amount

I find it more plausible that I can get 3,000 people each willing to invest $100 dollars towards seeing this done. That's probably what many people spend on a date or a night out partying. This is not a timeshare opportunity nor is this some sort of multilevel marketing business; I so hate those things. You will not make more money by getting friends and associates to invest though you’d probably get me to put together a dinner or barbecue for you and some friends. And no, you will not get your own website whereas people can purchase wine from your site and so many other people are offering the same products. Laugh just a little.

The Amount