IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: Go Fund Me

Why not

At some point, you have to use any and all [legal] means to achieve your dream, so I decided to also launch a Go Fund Me campaign https://www.gofundme.com/lets-make-five-wines to help with getting it done.

The reality is the conundrum of everything being that I could more easily raise the investment I want if people could taste the wines which would be under my label, but I can't present them under another label -- because you know that some people would try to do an end-run around me and try to connect with the various producers directly -- and wine can't be sent without labels on it. But to have the wines, even to sample, under my label, there are the minimum quantities that producers want you to order. Luckily, some producers who want to work with me are willing to do smaller runs for me provided I handle the production and printing of the bottle labels myself. And with that, I'd like to raise around 40K in order to do initial runs of at least five wines, which I can then use as samples to raise the investment that I really want.

And while I can't sell the wine directly to anyone, I can give my backers samples [as long as they are not too far away or are willing to stop on by]. I will probably bring back the old team and put together some events like I used to do like the Lights, Cameras, Wine and Dine! I did years back that people keep asking for the next one. What's funny about that is that we took over Mission Grille and everyone (waiters, sous chefs) helped us out on that one and for some weird reason, I keep getting calls from restaurant supply places thinking that I am Mission Grille!

Anyway, I could use any and all support, and like I tell folks, there might come a day when you ask for wine donations for whatever, so why not help me get off the ground!