IkaVina Wine and Spirits, LLC: The Company

If you ever watched the series "Entourage" and saw the scene after the credits in the series finale where Ari is in Italy and receives a call to step up and replace someone else, now having ownership [and not just a say] in movies, merchandising, etc., well that's what I am envisioning in the long term. If you haven't seen that episode and that scene, definitely look at it.

Quintessentially, IkaVina is a wine and spirits company that is focused on wine [and spirits of course], but that will also incorporate other elements and industries through strategic partnerships and cross collaborations [mostly with other companies that it also has ownership stakes in]. This will not only build brand awareness directly, but also through product placement in a variety of mediums. We are looking to also be into film and video, music, art, fashion, web and whatever else might come our way that we can do. But we are all about the wine.

We are not looking to get rich overnight, nor are we looking to act and move like so many other wine labels, wine producers, wine importers or wine distributors. We will be small and nimble and have a bevy of in-house and affiliated talent who is not above putting in the work and getting dirty where necessary (the latter refers to actually not being above mopping the floors or taking out the garbage).

The company itself is a Delaware registered LLC and operates from there. It will be both an importer and a distributor.

IkaVina will be helmed by Zachary M.C. Harris, the driving [and driven] force behind it all; that's me. But before I really go into who I am, let me give you how this all came to pass.

How this came to be