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Who We Are

We are the disruptor that the wine industry needs

We are a small, nascent new entry into the world, and business, of wine. And this will actually garner some very different reactions, but our core demographic is women of color, specifically Black women, Latino women and Asian women. This is not to exclude anyone else, but first and foremost, I know that women can shape whole buying patterns and trends. And there is a demographic I see mostly ignored within the marketplace by serious contenders. As an African American wine "vivant," I hate the experience of attending a trade show where someone manning a table initially offers me a Moscato or something else sweet, without first engaging me to get a feel for my palate, or even waiting for me to make a selection of my own. Having been in and around the industry of wine, I have assessed the lack of serious outreach to Black drinkers; this has been documented in other industries like Bourbon. This is not to say that we don't want other people loving our wines, we do. We just don't see the need to fit into perceived and preconcieved ideals of what we should be presenting and how we should be presenting it and ourselves.

The second thing about us is that we are interested in bringing quality wines from places which aren't really being marketed to the American market in general, and of those which are, are definitely not being marketed to people of color, many of whom would actually be ardent consumers of said wines. There are definitely more wine varietals than the same "usual suspects." You know, just another typical Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, or Pinot Grigio. And of course, there are more diverse expressions of these and other varietals as well. Many wine importers tend to just focus on trends instead of taking the time to introduce a different product and build a following for it. Some like to just offer a less expensive wine and some like to offer a wine with multiple awards so that they can get more money from it. Wine awards in themselves can be viewed with skepticism, as you neither know the demeanor and attitude of the judges, nor what wines they were going up against. I love the case of The Judgement of Paris (see the movie Bottle Shock) where the haughty French judges had the attitudes that no one could top the French, but thee wines that won in the blind tasting were both from the United States. Getting a high rating could easily be based on the judge's biases when it comes to wine and food. Much has been said about how Robert Parker affected the wine industry, as producers stopped doing them and started making their wines to appeal to his taste profile, because his high ratings got them sales. We don't care about showing ratings or awards; we show our wines and let them speak for themselves!

Summarily, our focus is on providing great wines to our demographic at great values. There are no reasons why you shouldn't be getting some phenomenal wines just because someone else wants to have a narrow view of what you might like or enjoy. At some point, when one group of people keep talking about something, other people are going to want to see what all the fuss is about.

Our Core Values


There are too many lies being told in the wine world, and there is an extreme lack of integrity. Being small, we are not one to lie about what we can do, we just set about doing it. There is no reason for us to markup a product unfairly, like in the case that we have a limited production Champagne that is aged for ten years before it is released, you'll still get it retail for under $200, versus paying some $300 for something with a hyped up name which really is only worth about $37.


To say that we are passionate about wine is an understatement. We are constantly tasting and exposing ourselves to new wines, either by grape, by region, by style, and/or by producer. We believe that it is the perfect equilibrium of sun, plant and soil and is a divine gift from heaven. Our passion carries forth in the relationships we have with winemakers, whether we are working with them now or planning to work with them in the future. They know that to us, they are not simply a means to an end, and that we become family.


Quintessentially, our aim is to expand your palate and make you happy. We want to impress you so much that you're constantly willing to try our next offerings, no matter what they may be or where they come from. While we're opening up with nine wines, we already have a good thirty that we want to introduce in the next two years, and all of them are stunners.

We want our portfolio to contain wines for any occasion and to fit most budgets.


Just like everyone, we want to fly high, but we're humble and want to proceed strategically and methodically. We just hope that you trust us and give us a try.

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