And so it begins!

Why not? What's to stop us? Who says we can't?

For years, I've been slowly working on the path to launching a wine label, not just to do it my way, but to also bring some quality wines to the market. There is so much that you can do with a wine label, not just in the products that you have, but also with marketing campaigns and affiliated endeavors. One thing can lead to another and pretty soon, you might just be able to make some big differences not only with what people are drinking, but also what people are doing. Hey, you might be able to help launch the careers of people in art, music and acting, if not give them some additional exposure, and they doing the same to your products.

What's it gonna take to do it? Well, we're looking to raise 300K to do it, but we're doing it in a non-traditional way, we're going to raise it by tapping 3000 individuals to each invest $100. And each investor becomes a small owner in this enterprise with added benefits. It's not pennies, and it's not a lot, but it would be enough. So, if we've gotten your interest, please read on throughout this site.

What does IkaVina mean?

There is a Yoruba word 'Ika' which represents the power of one's voice, of not only it's volume but how it can affect things on a deeper level. Sometimes, you not only have to watch how loud you speak, but that sometimes how your words can be taken, whether people here what you are saying, or misconstrue it to be something totally different than the intended message; kind of like the game "Round Robin."

'Vina,' of course is Latin for wine.

Put them together, and "we speak wine." It is pronounced 'ee kah vee nah.'

The Company